Monday, 13 August 2012


Martin Lapworth, the Taskmagic man, has come up with a very useful idea for language teachers. Textivate, currently in Beta form and free, is tool which creates online interactive tasks with texts. You can create tasks such as jigsaw reading, gap fills, re-ordering tasks, filling in letters and separating continuous text into words. Exercises can be stored on line if you register, or stored "locally" on your own computer. You can also embed tasks into blogs and web sites.

In a sense, this tool is a further development from the original Fun with Texts programme from Camsoft, which you may already be familar with. It is not revolutionary in that the exercise types are very familiar to anyone who has used Fun with Texts or Taskmagic, but this latest incarnation looks flexible, instantly accessible, easy on the eye and very functional.

Taskmagic is an excellent all round resource for enjoyable games and worksheet production, worth its significant price. Textivate will do some of what Taskmagic does, in a less "fun" format, but, I would imagine, at lower cost.

Try it here:

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